Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Changes

Ever since March 11, 2011 the world has changed. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan created concerns around the world. I live in California but was not affected by the tsunami as it arrived at low tide which helped. There was a major impact in the Santa Cruz Marina and Capitola. It will take a lot of hard work for Capitola to rebuild.

The reactors that have had explosions and fires, there has been a release of radiation. There is more than one type involved and it is a bit complicated. However, due to the radiation traveling around the world due to the winds, we have been in a lock down mode. The doors are taped and the windows are covered with plastic. It is definitely claustrophobic and stressful.

We hear some information on the news and the Internet but there is a real lack of stories on mainstream television. There was news of the aftershocks of the 9.0 earthquake and initial stories about the problems with the reactors. I hear about further explosions and fires in April 2011 but the Internet and media are extremely quiet.

There is talk about a conspiracy to keep the truth from the general public to prevent general panic. From what I have researched there has already been a panic: people have cleaned out supplies of potassium iodide, iodine, etc. Companies that sell products for emergency kits are out of stock and not taking orders. There are reports that our rain water (drinking water), produce and milk are contaminated. There is even talk that this may take not days, weeks or months to recover but years. How much of this is true and how much is being spread by frightened people?

If this is to last for a long time, it is not living. It is nothing more than existing. I welcome constructive comments and suggestions. I haven't been out of the house since February 18, 2011 for a variety of reasons. I am obviously beginning to suffer cabin fever, lack of fresh air and sunshine, not to mention that I miss being around people. Please send prayers for the world and all the people. Thank you.