Monday, November 2, 2009

November 3 Elections

This is really late to be posting this message, but I certainly hope you are voting on Tuesday. The election in my area is for our U.S. Congressman. We do not have a working representative as Ellen Tauscher has been apointed Under Secretary of State with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is a very important election on the Federal level.

The person I am supporting is Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi for U.S. Congress. He was the Insurance Commissioner in California for two terms and he helped set a higher standard for the insurance companies. They do not like him and he knows it.

The official results indicate that we have elected Congressman John Garamendi. Now the work begins. We need to remind him that we are in this community. All the elected officials have offices in other cities but not this one. This is the county seat and there should be an office here.

This is not to minimize the local elections. It is very important to be involved with your local officials. I can't stress this enough. There were absolutely no changes on the City Council. We elected Catherine Moy and John Mraz.

Remember: We are the change we voted for.

November 3,2009

I voted before noon and that is a good thing. Voter turnout is, as expected, low. Wish we could say more voters participated.

Thank you for participating.