Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Web Sites

We have all been very busy these days and I am no exception. This is the best blog site I have found and truly appreciate them. I have web sites at the following and would apprecate any feedback.

Shekinah which is my personal web site.

ElizabethAnnR at eHow which is self explanatory. You don't have to be a member to read my articles. You must be a member if you want to rate them.

ElizabethAnnR's Profile - RedGage which is a work in progress.

Cooking Around the World which is an eclectic collection of recipes and I am always open to cooking ideas.

ElizabethAnnR's Profile - Viewpoints where I get to review different products.

Thank you for visiting these web sites.


  1. I have been extremely busy too m'Lady, but thought I'd drop by for a visit and also wanted you to see I used your instructions for a more personalized look on my new blog & I hope you follow me there too...

  2. Elizabeth, I've been busy as well but I always enjoy your posts. I sure do miss hearing from you. I think all of your web sites are wonderful!