Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is an adorable little kitten who fell on hard times until my neice found him and did a major rescue. Seems that Mushka had been hit by a vehicle and no one helped him. He lay there for three weeks watching people. His injuries were so bad that gangrene had set it. My neice and a friend set out to locate a veterinarian who could help. They wanted a lot of money to save this little boy and they were just about to give up when an orthopdic vet called and said he would do the work for a pittance in comparison. He would do the work for free but they had to pay for the supplies. So . . . Mushka was saved.

When I first saw Mushka he didn't have any fur except on his head. They shaved all the fur to help prevent further infection. He was six months old, hungry, frightened and very ill. They ended up amputating his back left leg. He is learning to get around very well but doesn't do a lot of jumping. When at Mom's the neice simply puts up a baby gate and he stays in the room. He is getting around beautifully and growing to an adorable little boy. My neice absolutely loves Mushka and it will be very difficult for her to part with him. She already found him a permanent home when he is completely healed. Mushka will truly be missed.

I took this photo today. He has a place in the room where he can see down he hall and know who is there. He is a clever little boy.

Mushka also spends time under the dresser and he can see who is at the door by looking in the mirror that is on the right wall next to the door. He makes the decsion whether or not he will bless you with his presence. He is so precious.

How did she arrive at the name Mushka? She said that it just fit him perfectly. We looked up the meaning and the following is what I found online.


  1. Something/someone that is so lethally adorable that your body convulses at even the thought.
  2. Something whether it be a phrase, habit, noise, policy, etc. that is irksome but not enough so to be justifyibly annoying.
  1. 'Your baby is the most mushka thing I've ever seen in my life'
  2. 'That face you're making is mushka'


  1. It takes them a while, but they do learn to cope. We had a cat that lost her right front leg and learned how to get around very well.

  2. Mushka -- what a pretty name, adorable, yet fitting for a unique personality -- purrfectly cat-like!

  3. Hi, this is jenicoe2001 from eHow! Your niece has great insight and love- choosing Mushka for the kitty's name and going that little extra step to save a life. You have written a beautiful article about your niece and this kitten. I enjoy your articles on eHow also. Great job on your blog! I am now following your blog, and hope that you can link to my blog here on blogger as well! Keep up the terrific work! jenicoe2001 from eHow

  4. What a beautiful little guy he is! I'm so glad there are people in the world like you niece. He'll get along just fine with all the love and tenderness he's receiving.

  5. she is precious...do you still have her?

  6. oops, I thought being orange that the kitty was a boy, but then read how did she come up with that name and mis-read that to be the kitten.