Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can't We Just Get Along?

I know this reminds us of Rodney King, but there is still merit in that simple question.

We have all watched as people disrupt town hall meetings with their shouting and lack of respect for the opinion of others in the same meeting. I, for one, do not understand all this hysterical behavior. The only thing they appear to accomplish is to attract the media and none of it is good. It takes the attention away from the purpose of the town hall meetings.

Even though I don't understand these people who are shouting, there is a thought that people are frightened. They are frightened and feel helpless. They feel powerless. Why have they decided this is the time to behave in this manner? I don't have the answers. I do have a great deal of compassion for these people. I also have a lot of pity for them because they aren't behaving in a rational or intelligent manner. They have closed their minds to the opinions of other people or other options. They are correct and everyone else in wrong. This is sad.

I attended a town hall meeting where we discussed health care reform. I am not going to tell you that everyone agreed with each other, but it was a civil discussion. We showed respect for the opinions of other people in attendance.

What seems to be lacking these days is simple social courtesy. A conversation should flow both ways with each participant listening to the other without interruption or talking over the other person involved. Only time will determine if this behavior was productive or destructive.

Our social conduct in this enlightened 21st century is sorely lacking. Our differences are what make this a wonderful country but we also must show respect for each other.


  1. Elizabeth, I agree with you wholeheartedly! As you already know, I am deeply disappointed in the behavior of many in the political discussions I encounter these days. Pure hatred from both sides is being slung and I'm running dry of patience for all.

    I'm so proud of you for the way you donduct yourself (in all matters) and proud of you for the getting involved - you're an awesome lady!

  2. Thank you, Dianna and Ruthi, for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Thanks for your support, Ruthi.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Debra. Glad to see you here.

  4. I think people are getting upset because they write and call their representatives and get nothing but form-letter responses, then their representatives do things they've been trying to ask them not to do. They don't feel they're being heard, they feel like their voices are being ignored... so the only way they know how to remedy that is by getting loud. The town hall meetings are supposed to be for both sides but they don't want to answer the questions these people ask. If they would answer the questions, the people would have no more reason to act this way.

  5. I totally agree with you Elizabeth. The worst we could do is agree to disagree, don't you think? Tallstranger on Gather!