Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I watched Letterman last night (October 6) and the last guest on the show is always a musician. Tonight it was KISS. They still wear the same style costumes they did 20+ years ago.

My experience with live musicians back in the 70's was seeing the Smothers Brothers when then first came off the college circuit. The rest all involved attending the local opera association.

Well . . . I had a young teenage boy who wanted to see KISS and I told him that the next time they were in the area (local was 300 miles away) I would make sure he got to attend. Yes, you are right. I had to make good on my word. We did see them and it was an interesting experience, to say the least.

My eldest son teaches private guitar lessons and one of his students had attended a KISS concert. One of the members of the band, Paul Stanley I think, suddenly left the stage. Word is that he had a heart attack. I don't know this for sure, but I wasn't there. After doing research today Pauls' physicians advised him to leave after his heart rate was double what it should have been. He did follow their advice.

Gene Simmons has his own TV show, Gene Simmons and the Family Jewels, and it is really funny. That man is a money making machine. He invests wisely. Just an interesting side note.

So . . . . . . KISS is still working the circuit. LOL!


  1. My son enjoys Kiss and I just purchased the new release for a birthday gift for him. They are still jamming and still draw the interest of the younger crowd!

  2. KISS is a unique group and I know Chris will love the new CD. Gene Simmons is a real character. Thanks for signing my blog.